Creating a Transparent Democracy book

Creating a Transparent Democracy

Shamar Rinpoche, 2006, 2007, 2011. New USA edition: November 2015. With a foreword by Desmond Mpilo Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of…

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The King of Prayers Book Cover

The King of Prayers

Shamar Rinpoche, 2011. New USA edition: 2015. Edited by Julia Stenzel, Thea Howard, and Lara Braitstein. Prayer translated under the…

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A Concise Lojong Manual - 5th Shamarpa - Book Cover

A Concise Lojong Manual

Könchok Yenlak, the 5th Shamarpa. Translated by Pamela Gayle White, 2010. New USA edition: 2014. “Train impartially in every instance.…

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The Buddha Meets Socrates: A Philosopher's Journal Book Cover

The Buddha Meets Socrates

Harrison J. Pemberton, 2013. “..[I]t is in the challenge to present ideas clearly and respond to questions that a teacher…

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Boundless Awakening Book Cover

Boundless Awakening

Shamar Rinpoche, 2013 “The meditation of calm abiding engenders a well-balanced, peaceful, and joyful state of mind. On this basis,…

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A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters - Tenth Karmapa - Book Cover

A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters

Shamar Rinpoche, 2012. From the Tenth Karmapa’s writings: “That first day, and for seven whole days, Bodhisattva Chokyi Wangchuk [6th…

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