A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters - Tenth Karmapa - Book Cover

A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters

A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters: The Life and Times of the Tenth Karmapa Choying Dorje. Shamar Rinpoche, 2012. Paperback. 288 pages. Also available as a Kindle eBook.

From the Tenth Karmapa’s writings:

“That first day, and for seven whole days, Bodhisattva Chokyi Wangchuk [6th Shamarpa] taught me. … These teachings showed me how to be a bodhisattva, how to practice the path of a bodhisattva, how to achieve the bodhisattva practice through the practice of the paramitas, and so forth. All these practices would develop the noble qualities as vast and as deep as the ocean. I listened.”

A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters: The Life and Times of the Tenth Karmapa Choying Dorje, tells the story of how the Tenth Karmapa (1604–1674) lived through dramatic changes in Tibet, including the rise to political supremacy of the Fifth Dalai Lama and the Gelug sect following a Mongol invasion. Regarded as a remarkable bodhisattva and artist, the Karmapa has largely escaped the close attention of modern scholars. In this book, Shamar Rinpoche, the Fourteenth Shamarpa, introduces the Tenth Karmapa through his translations of the Karmapa’s autobiographical writings and an eighteenth-century biography. As a direct lineage-descendant from the Sixth Shamarpa—the Karmapa’s guru—Shamar Rinpoche shares his unique knowledge and experience through extensive annotations and a historical overview of Tibet from the thirteenth through seventeenth centuries. The text is complemented by maps and color illustrations depicting places where the Karmapa lived and his prolific artistic work, with some object images being published for the first time.

Language: English and Tibetan
ISBN 0988176203 (ISBN13: 978-0988176201)
Kindle eBook ISBN13: 978-0988176256

Book Categories: Art and History.