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Bird of Paradise Press is a Virginia-based non-profit book publishing company that specializes in books from Buddhist perspectives: on history, ethics, governance, philosophy, religion, preservation and translation, and other categories. We are registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and make texts available as broadly as possible with the support of your generous donations.


What is a Bird of Paradise?
Many of our readers wonder about the meaning of the bird of paradise in our name and logo. When you look for the bird more widely known as the Bird of Paradise, you are likely to find a family of bird species from Australia, New Guinea, and surrounding islands. These birds have a distinctive appearance, quite different from the bird in our logo. But the bird of paradise in the name of our press refers to a bird said to live in Sukhāvatī, or Dewachen, the pure realm manifested by Buddha Amitābha, where it is said that ordinary beings, through aspiration and devotion, can be reborn to continue their Dharma practice in an extraordinarily favorable environment. It is this bird of paradise who inspires us in our projects.


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Slideshow images:
(1) The Buddha Meets Socrates, Figure 5: Kachenjunga, Photograph by Justin Mygatt. (2) A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters, Figure 14.3: Gyalthang Rignga Lhakang Chapel, Photograph by Shahin Parhami. (3) A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters, Figure 11.3: Letter inside of a statue of the Sixth Shamarpa, Photograph by Carol Gerhardt.

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