The Buddha Meets Socrates: A Philosopher's Journal Book Cover

The Buddha Meets Socrates

The Buddha Meets Socrates: A Philosopher’s Journal. Harrison J. Pemberton, 2013. Paperback. 176 pages. Also available as a Kindle eBook.

“..[I]t is in the challenge to present ideas clearly and respond to questions that a teacher can come to see the issues with more and more clarity.”

The Buddha Meets Socrates: A Philosopher’s Journal is a first-person account of teaching and learning. In 2004, Harrison J. Pemberton embarked on a journey to teach Western philosophy to a group of young Buddhist monks in India. One scholar in particular was poised to study: His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje. Together these great thinkers generated a dialogue of teaching and learning, looking at the work of Western philosophers and comparing it to Buddhist philosophy, questioning how the Buddha and Socrates might meet. The Buddha Meets Socrates chronicles this process of inquiry and exchange.

Language: English
ISBN 0988176238 (ISBN13: 978-0988176232)
Kindle eBook ISBN13: 978-0988176270

Book Categories: Philosophy.