a turquoise background with Tibetan calligraphy and text of book title (The Five Buddha Families, by Tsony)

The Five Buddha Families

The Five Buddha Families. Tsony, 2020. Paperback. 100 pages.

“We are hooked by what happens. We are so mesmerized by the movie (that is our experience of life) that we forget to see it is just a screen with light projected on it.”

All our suffering needlessly comes from mind not knowing itself. We lose track of the fact that our own experiences are changing and illusory, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Fortunately, the Buddhist path offers many solutions for this universal problem. In this talk from 2007, Tsony uses everyday examples and accessible language, interlaced with his own original calligraphy, to explain the five facets of wisdom encapsulated in the five buddha families, a common Buddhist framework. Each facet helps us deal with a different emotional aspect that clouds our inherent wisdom.

Known affectionately as “Lama Tsony” around the world, Tsony completed two traditional 3-year Buddhist retreats in France under the guidance of the great Tibetan meditation master Gendun Rinpoche. He has taught in Bodhi Path centers throughout North America and Europe since 1999. This book is a rare offering from this popular teacher who is known for opening the door to Buddhist concepts that can help Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

Showing us how to approach the emotions through the five wisdoms, this book steps back from general, symbolic iconography to more specifically explore the inner logic of the five buddha families in a way that we can apply to our daily lives.

Language: English
Paperback ISBN 0996505997 (ISBN13: 978-0996505994)

Book Categories: Commentary and Meditation.