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A Concise Lojong Manual

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A Concise Lojong ManualKönchok Yenlak, the 5th Shamarpa. Translated by Pamela Gayle White, 2010. New USA edition: 2014. Paperback. 82 pages. Also available as a Kindle eBook.

“Train impartially in every instance. Once deep and inclusive training has taken place, love everyone.”

Written by the 5th Shamar Rinpoché, Könchok Yenlak (1526–83), this condensed presentation of the lojong (“mind training”) maxims and explanations is a practical companion book for more extensive commentaries. The original Tibetan text and its English translation are included, as well as a brief biographical sketch of Shamar Könchok Yenlak. This United States edition has been issued with the kind permission of the original publisher, the Marpa Kagyu Dharma Preservation Center in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Language: English and Tibetan
ISBN 0988176262 (ISBN13: 978-0988176263)
Kindle eBook ISBN13: 978-0988176287

Book categories: Commentary, Meditation, and Sacred Texts